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Shot Blasting in MA
Many people are unaware that shot blasting is a very important part of floor preparation. Our special shot blasting machine allows for the best possible finish for your floor. We are now providing shot blasting services to Springfield and Boston areas of MA.

Shot Blasting Concrete or Concrete Shot Blasting in Massachusetts
It is usually necessary for conrete to be shot blasted as a surface preparation. Many people will overlook this important step. Our concrete services are done right from start to finish. We are now serving all of Massachusetts including Springfield, MA..

Shot Blasting is also Abrasive Blasting - Springfield, MA
Shot blasting in MA can also be called abrasive blasting which is similar to shot blasting. Our flooring and shot blasting services include but are not limited to concrete shot blasting, mastic removal, adhesive and glue removal, abrasive blasting, concrete profiling, shot penning and other shot blasting floor related services in Springfield, MA.

We are Massachusetts choice for shot blasting. Call 860-436-6626 or we will come to you in the state of MA. For current special's and promotions on shot blasting anywhere around Boston or Springfield, MA email us at

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